Anne de Xainctonge 1567 – 1621

Anne was born in 1567 at Dijon (F) and grew up in the same city. Very early in life she experienced God as her lover and healer and gave great importance to this experience. At the same time, the proximity of the Jesuits, drew her toward the Ignatian Spirituality. Through the guidance of God, Anne de Xainctonge began to instruct and educate the women and girls, to live a simple life, to be there for people with limited income and for the marginalized. This became the project from God for Anne and later for us sisters till today, wherever we are. That’s why “to go out” plays a great role for us, nevertheless we also care for the community life.

  • Urged by the love, which the holy Spirit has poured into their hearts, Anne and her companions lived more and more for Jesus Christ and his mystical body, the church. Origin in Constitutions