Sisters from Switzerland, Africa and India / Romania

The “House Brig“ has today 186 sisters

As we are people who are sent, we are rooted in Christ. That is why the vow of chastity for us, is the vow to love. We work from love and in love. The vow of poverty means for us to find our wealth in God, a source of inner freedom and a readiness to work together with others. The vow of obedience is a search of our will in God. It is an obedience to mission. Processes of discernment help us to be able to live this. Work is our full content of life – a prayer. Times of prayer serve us to deepen our relation to God. The community life is always at the service of the apostolate.
In our life it is important to have a good basic formation and a readiness of heart for the proclamation of the word of God.

"Find God in all things and all things in God".    Ignatius of Loyola